Wednesday, July 14, 2010

third beach day

The sun came out and warmed Lincoln City's beaches a little more every day were were there. This trip to the beach Addie actually wore her swimming suit and a jacket. Ridiculous I know! I couldn't get enough of my girls amazement at the rocks and sand and ocean. It's so different than the beaches we go to in the Philippines. I think they really liked being able to play in the sand and not die from the heat. Instead we battled the wind!

She finally got her way and wore her swimming suit this afternoon. I insisted on the jacket with a "head coat".We happened upon this adorable dog who was posing for his master to take a photo. Seriously cute dog and the most well behaved Jack Russel I'd ever seen. Notice Addie in the background on the cell phone with her Daddy all the way in Manila. We didn't miss a call. Well, maybe just one but we tried hard not to.

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Terry said...

Miss Layla could take some lessons from that little "Jack on the Beach". Great shots Sara.