Thursday, July 22, 2010

Children's museum

Mom and I did it again. We knowingly drove the girls to Portland after Bella's nap for a fun activity with full knowledge that by the time we had to drive back to Vancouver traffic would be terrible and we'd have two very sad little girls in the hot car. But how can you pass up and afternoon at the coolest children's museum ever? The girls loved it even if we had to feed them an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers on the way home so they'd refrain from completely loosing it. You can imagine how much dinner got eaten that night.

Back to the fun part, the museum was the best. Addie loved completely different parts of it this year compared to last. This year she loved story time at the tree house and Arabella was the one tugging on my arm to run on to the next exciting and loud thing. See for yourself...
In the toddler area that Addie wanted nothing to do with last year. We spent a ton of time this year because both girls loved it. Bella as usual was a dare devil and did all sorts of experiments on how she could scare her mother and grandmother as she went down this slide. Fish tanks, always a crowd pleaser. We are missing our tropical tank back in Manila. I hope Yaya and Dad are keeping those fish clean.In the play grocery and deli area where kids can shop for play food, scan their own groceries at the check-out stand and fix meals for one another. Arabella was in heaven here. She held that fake pear the entire time she played here. As you know she's a produce lover anyway. How much do you want to bet that she's going to have a summer job at a roadside farm selling peaches somewhere in middle America? The best part of this area for me was watching Bella watch the other kids . She was obsessed. Just taking it all in. This cute little boy was being very imaginative and pretending to talk on the pay phone about what meal a friend of his wanted on the daily special list (on the black board). Bella was enthralled. She kept on staring at the phone long after the boy left. I want watermelon or my pear? Definitely the pear.There is my new pal again, scanning his groceries. How does he make that thing beep every time an item passes the scanner? Amazing. I hope I can get back to this place when I'm taller!Serious clay making. A little clay tasting for Bella. I'm just a few inches too short still! She loved every bit of this museum. I could see the wheels turning in her little head.Tube crawling awesomeness. She's so tall already!!

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Rachel said...

The girls look like they are having a blast! Bella's faces are priceless as she is staring at everything, especially her new friend!