Wednesday, August 15, 2012

she's in kindergarten!

Adelaide started kindergarten at International Community School Addis Ababa this week.  We attended an orientation on Monday with her then on Tuesday morning she got on the bus all by herself for her first full day at school.  She was fine.  I was not.

When she returned home for the day she was tired but energized about her first day.  She thought Miss Vicki was "gggrrrrrreat!" and when I asked what she liked about her she said it was because she is "like a Grammy".  Miss Vicki has been teaching kindergarten or first grade for 37 years.  I got that warm cozy feeling when I met her and apparently, so did Addie.  The first day was fun, she said.  They read a story, drew, had recess where she got to meet up with her preschool friends and play.  They had lunch and snack and well, it was a good time.

She was pretty drained from the long day (on the bus at 7AM home at 1:45PM).  The first two weeks they get off at 1PM.  The regular day ends at 2:50 PM!  Which is an insanely long day for my five year old.  I was smart and had a snack waiting for her when she got home yesterday.  I think that's going to be key!

I am so proud of her for taking this big step in stride.  I had no doubt she could do it with grace.  It's just her style!  I on the other hand, am contemplating how just last week I couldn't wait to get her bored little self out of my hair and after just one day I am missing her.  She's gone all day!  She's the leader of my little girl pack and it's strange having her away so much. I'm sure I'll get use to it.

Here's to the next 12 years of school for Adelaide.
Her first full day of school.  Ready for the bus complete with her reading material for the long ride.


meredith said...

She looks so grown up and beautiful!! I am feeling the same things with Alli - I can't wait for her to experience the thrill of "real" school, but know I will miss her terribly - and they are in from 9-3 as well - new adventures!

Sadie said...

Yay Addie! I hope she continues to LOVE school for many days and weeks and years to come. Enjoy!

Emily said...

What a beautiful girl! I am glad that she did so well! Kids are amazing (I think particularly the first born) at adapting to big things like school.

We know all about long bus rides. When we were saying prayers the other day, Jack asked for his bus ride to go quickly. He is getting more used to it now, but it is long for these little ones.