Friday, August 3, 2012

Meet Tim Riggins and Pepper

I never thought I'd say this, ever...we have cats.  We just picked out not one kitten but two and if I had my druthers we'd bring home all three.

They are going to be outdoor cats living in our outbuilding with the hopes that they will keep the rats away, especially during rainy season.  We get to bring them home in a month when they are done weening from their mother.

Aren't they precious?  Justin and I were happy to see how good the girls were with them. Little girls and kittens go hand and hand.
Addie named this one Pepper
                                                           this is the one we aren't bringing home...yet!
Tim Riggins is the runt and Justin said he had to come home with us after they bonded.  Little Timmy (as Addie has decided to call him) liked to bury his head in the crook of your arm and I admit, it was endearing.  


Danielle said...

soooo cute!!! We've told ourselves "no pets" in the FS because it just seems like such a huge hassle but kittens that cute could change my mind!

Sara said...

some pets make sense when living in a certain country. We are thinking about chickens too! The cats will have to stay in Ethiopia. Our dog is the only traveler!

Just US said...

So cute!