Monday, August 20, 2012

first day laughter at preschool

Bella's been itching to go to preschool since Addie started Kindergarten last week.  When Monday morning arrived, her attitude was more like "finally, I get to go to school too", instead of nerves.  My second daughter has never been known to be shy or cautious so I didn't spend an ounce wondering if she's have a great first day.  After she downed her morning cup of Indonesian spiced tea (I'm not kidding she likes her tea black and spicy), she hoped in our truck (the "Zalalem bus") and off she went.  Chipper and ready for a new adventure at her first real preschool.

Last year she attended a little parent run co-op preschool with four three other little girls her age.  It was wonderful for her social development as all the little girls became good friends, but she's definitely ready for big kid preschool this year.  She's ready to make new friends, have her own teacher and bring home her own art projects.

I'm really excited because her teacher Ms. Nadine is an American woman whom we know through the embassy community.  Her youngest son goes to school with Addie.  Nadine is the quintessential preschool teacher.  She's always singing or reading the children a story when I see her.  Bella is going to have a fantastic year.

When I picked Arabella up that first day she was beaming and it was clear she'd already made an impression on the teachers and aids at school.  Ms. Nadine said that the best part of her day was hearing Bella's laugh all day.  She said she laughed at everything and Arabella's laugh is the most contagious happy sound.  Nadine said everyone couldn't help but laugh with her.  Bella generally worms her way into your heart the first time you see her smile and hear her great belly laugh as she throws her head back in glee.  Or her gravely chuckle or the silly giggle she has as well.  She inherited her charisma and laughter from her father. Wonderful traits to have. It's fun to see other people enjoy Bella so much too.

I can't believe she is getting so big already.  Every day she runs up to me shouting "I did it all by myself!" Yesterday she said the word "America" and the day before that she put her PJs on all by herself.  Tomorrow it will be her ABCs.  


The Gunning Family said...

Love the boots! She is adorable!

Sadie said...

two girls in school - wow! hope they both continue to love it!

meredith said...

Wow - seems like she grew up overnight - what an exciting new year!!!