Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rosie Flo

I knew the moment that I saw this interactive coloring/paper doll set that Adelaide would love it.  And I was right, she got to work with her colored pencils immediately upon sneaking a peak at it on the shelf.  I saved it for the week after summer camp when I knew we'd be struggling to find fun things to do.

Rosie Flo's Fashion Show is for the mini-fashionista at heart.  It comes with a cardboard runway, models, spectators, and even a little poodle to get in on the action.  We spent a good part of three afternoons coloring the dresses.  The best part is that Addie drew on the faces, arms and legs.  I helped her put together the stage and she was rather confused why it was so long.
Then it dawned on me that Addie didn't really understand what a fashion show was because she'd never seen on.  We immediately marched to the computer and pulled up YouTube.  I found Carolina Herrera's Spring 2012 Bridal Collection show and Addie sat mesmerized watching the models and gowns until I could snap her out of her white tulle induced coma.  I'd say she had a new appreciation for Rosie Flo's after her little viewing.  Addie's going to be my little fashion editor someday.

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