Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ashlynn Olivia at 10 (1/2) months

The 15th flew by without me noticing. Ashlynn is 10 and a half months now and she's a bundle of stubborn energy.  Not that she wasn't at 9 months.  She just seems more intense, about everything this month.

She doesn't stop moving.  She wants to crawl and climb and stand.  Everything she shouldn't play with is in her mouth before I even see it coming.  I'm not leaving her to her own devices it's just that there are so many things going on in the house at any one moment and Ashlynn knows it.  She knows that Mama can't be watching every second and BAM, that's when she b-lines for the open front door, the box of too-small beads, the filthy boots tossed aside by her big sisters, the bathroom...the list goes on.  She's so quick and stubborn.  The moment you yank away something she's playing with she squeals, actually it sounds more like a grunt/scream.  Like, "Hey!  I was chewing on that _(insert anything: dog toy, crayon, flip flop, wooden kebab skewer, switch blade).  She's tough to keep up with right now.
We are learning that she's extremely independent and fiery.  Her personality is becoming more and more pronounced.  She's less likely to follow along with what we want her to do (sit nicely on our lap) and instead wants to do ONLY what she wants to do at any given moment (climb the stairs/pull her sisters hair).  She is desperate to communicate with us.  When she's done eating she generally smacks my hand or the spoon away so the food flies all over the floor or my shirt.  If she's unhappy about something, getting tired, or just generally frustrated with the situation she'll swing her arms and hands smacking your head or face. She desperately wants in on the conversation. Any conversation. She's trying to talk.  She says Mama, Dada, Neh (for Eneye), A-deh (for Addie).  We aren't sure for Bella yet!
She's still a very happy baby and is much more mellow about some things than her sisters were but we are reaching that stage where she wants to assert some independence and be her own little self.  Especially since she sees her older sisters doing it all the time.
The other day, after dinner the older two girls we outside playing since it was a rare lovely evening.  I had piled up some toys next to the table for Ashlynn since I was sitting down to my meal.  She immediately crab-walked through the front door, sat on the front steps and called out to her sisters.  An indecipherable baby call sounding like gibberish but the meaning was unmistakable.  She had no intentions of being left behind.
She's still taking two naps each day, she's waking up far too much at night for my linking, she is standing on her own and I wouldn't say a first step has happened but she's on the verge.  She prefers thicker chunkier foods now than the purees I was making.  The other night her eyes opened bright with the delight of tasting a blended concotion of roasted potatoes, onions and yellow peppers with rosemary.  She's a big fan of guacamole too!  She had her first Ritz cracker and a tiny taste of the frosting in a chocolate cookie.

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