Wednesday, August 8, 2012

first heart break

Art therapy.  Addie and Bella with Gloria

We borrowed a neighbor cat for a few days to help with the immediate issue of finding rat droppings inside some of our consumable dry goods.  I'm happy to say the rats left immediately upon the cats arrival and haven't been back.  Addie and Bella also became immediately smitten with the cat. Gloria, as Addie named her (Teklu laughed at us when we asked the cat's name, learning that she didn't have one Addie was happy to come up with one), could only stay a few days and Teklu happened to take her home to her family while Addie and I were at the store.

She was heart broken that she didn't have a chance to say goodbye.  She moped around the house for the entire afternoon crying and very dramatically mourning the cat's loss.  Here are some of her dramatic lyrics:

"We had such good times together!"
"She was my little rose bud"
"Gloria was my one true love!"
"How is she ever going to remember me and my love for her?"
"I'm never going to see her again and she will forget me."
"I just love her Mommy!!!"

Poor Addie, she was really sad.  I tried to cheer her up by explaining that we shouldn't be sad that Gloria is back with her own family.  We should be happy that we get to have our own little kittens in a few weeks.  Her response was, "Nothing is ever going to cheer me up!"

Oh boy, I hope this is the worst heart break my girl ever has to experience.

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Emily said...

I know it is not right to laugh at the pain of children, but I was giggling at Addie's responses to the cat leaving.
I hope she is able to work through it and find peace once again.