Friday, August 17, 2012

hail storms in Ethiopia

I never thought we'd get hail in Ethiopia during rainy season.  It's not unusual apparently.  We've been trying to explain to family and friends how cold it is here right now.  When the sun goes down or the rain clouds roll in we are all in sweaters and slippers and curled under blankets.  There is no central heat and our fire place is non functional (because they built the second and third floors over the chimney).  It gets really cold!

Freezing rain cold.  Yesterday afternoon we experienced a serious hail storm.  It hailed heavily for at least 20 minutes.  Lots of rain, thunder and lightening accompanied the hail.  I have never seen so much hail accumulate on the ground.  It was amazing.  The girls and I put on our rain coats and boots and scooped up handfuls of hail like snow.  The only trouble is that hail doesn't fall softly like snow.  The hail hurt like little rocks.
It's cold in Ethiopia during rainy season!  We aren't joking!


Heather P. said...

Holy hail and cold. I would have never imagined it cold in Ethiopia. Stay warm!

Sweet Athena said...

Oh wow, hail in Ethiopia! The hail does look pretty in your hand, like little beads. Jess