Thursday, August 16, 2012

fruit overseas

From my limited overseas experience, I have come to the conclusion that fruit is better here.  By here, I mean in Ethiopia and the Philippines.  Even Bangkok for our short trip had better tasting fruit that in the US. New Zealand had the best apple I'd tasted the entire time we were on that side of the world!  I will say that in America, Washington Apples and Oregon Strawberries are better than anything I've had overseas but everything else is better over here.  (OK and for the record I love blueberries and I couldn't get them in Manila and I can't get them in Ethiopia-Boo!)

The selection in Addis Ababa might be smaller but what we have just tastes better! Bananas may be smaller but they have a more concentrated sweet banana flavor.  Mangoes, pineapple and anything tropical is of course not going to taste as good in the States. Mangoes simply don't get any better than the ones from the Philippines. Don't try to argue this point with me.  You won't win!  Even the fresh limes here have a brighter stronger lime flavor than the pithy ones I would get at home. Watermelon hands down is a MILLION times sweeter and more flavorful overseas.  This has been the case in SE Asia and now in Ethiopia.
The watermelon in Addis Ababa is amazing.  Juicy and super sweet.  The melons are heavy and the brightest bright red you've ever seen.  The watermelon in America is pink with hints of white and grainy. Sometimes you will luck out and get a sweet one but in Ethiopia, they are always amazing.

I'd love to hear other people's experience with fruit overseas.  

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hotpotdc said...

We just went fruit shopping for the first time today and yes, I have to 100% agree. The fruit wallah who sold us our mangoes was apologizing because it's the end of hte season so they "weren't very good." Ha! Only about 150% better than the ones we were eating in the States!