Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lucy's little sisters

Lucy is the eldest child of the family and she takes everything that's dealt to her in stride for the most part. She understands that Bella is expressing her love when she swats her nose and that Addie is overjoyed when she walks her on the leash even if she strangling her most of the way. She's a great family dog and has given my girls an unquestioning love for dogs. Bella squeals and kicks every time we see another dog and gets upset when I don't kneel down so she can love on it like she loves on Lucy. Yesterday Lucy was groomed and came home with one nail cut a bit too short so that she was bleeding. Addie was completely distraught by our concern and helped as we disinfected the nail bed and wrapped it with surgical tape. The rest of the evening Addie would rub Lucy's head and say "You're okay Lucy?" Lucy sometimes gets lost in the background of our household but she's really just as much apart of our family as the girls are. Plus she's an excellent bed warmer when Justin is away! After dinner Bella discovered that it's more fun to play in Lucy's water bowl than to try to sneak her food. Yaya and Mommy don't say "No" nearly as forcefully when it comes to water. Lucy as usual took this all in stride and actually seemed to like the company at her "dinner table".


Terry said...

Thank you for the "Lucy" blog. It warms my heart to see the girls love dogs as much as their favorite Great Aunt.

Sara said...

I had you in mind when I was writing it. We love dogs too. Can't wait for the girls to squeal after your dogs again!