Wednesday, April 21, 2010

dinner for 3

A few months back I couldn't begin to imagine Arabella sitting down for dinner with Addie and I at 5:30 PM. For a long period around 4 months she was overtired and not taking a good third nap in the afternoon which put her ready for bed around 5:30PM! I would get her to bed (after rocking and bouncing my until my back gave out and then pray she wouldn't wake up every two hours the entire night like she usually did). I would then come join Justin and Addie in the kitchen for dinner. We'd close the kitchen door and quietly eat for fear of waking the sleeping giant. Many evenings I would sit in the kitchen eating my meal while listening to Bella crying herself to sleep in her crib. I had indigestion so often back then. Of course she grew out of needing that third nap and her second nap slipped later in the afternoon and now she's going to bed around 6:30-7:00 PM along with her big sister. We used to dream about the day the girls would go to bed at the same time and here we are. All this means is that Addie, Bella, and I get to enjoy our dinner together. The girls (and I) are generally too hungry to wait for Justin to get home at 6:00 PM so we eat ahead of him. Usually the clock strikes 5 PM and it's as if a switch flips creating little cranky monster girls instead of my sweet angels. They get that trait from me. I'm a bear when I'm hungry. Yaya says I look at her "fiercely" when I'm hungry. I don't deny it. Bedtime produces less anxiety for me because both girls bathe, I get Bella ready for bed and Justin takes Addie. Arabella, after a year of a consistent routine, has the bedtime thing down. She doesn't have to cry herself to sleep anymore. Our biggest problem now is if she pushes all four of her pacifiers out of the crib she will have a mini-meltdown until we come in and retrieve them all for her. She's silly but I love my Bean.

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