Sunday, April 18, 2010

Indian food, naps, and pink tutus

Thank goodness for husbands returning to their family to take over and let overtired wives take a break on a Sunday. Justin brought back all sorts of fun Japanese treats for us from his trip this past week. The strangest by far was the wasabi flavored KitKats. Yuck! In my book, wasabi should stay a savory flavor. Addie got Hello Kitty! Bella a sushi magnet and I got boxes of my favorite green tea with brown rice. The stomach bug seemed to be mostly gone from our house by Sunday but I was definitely feeling the effects of not getting enough sleep all week. The nights were horrendous with Bella and my tummy aches and Addie rising for the day at 5:30AM. I took a nice nap along with Bella on Sunday. Amazingly Addie needed one too. She was a new child after the hour and a half nap she took at 11AM. I hadn't left the apartment all weekend so we decided to walk to a little Indian place down the street at the early bird hour of 5PM. I was a little hesitant about the spice on my newly settled stomach but that deep hunger one gets after fasting during the stomach flu took over and I needed food right away. On the way to the restaurant I took this picture of Addie walking ahead of us. She was so pink and sparkly compared to the torn up dirty sidewalk that I had to photograph her. She gave me a mad mug at the dinner table while eating. Bella preferred all the decor. Our girls love naan. And who wouldn't? We get the garlic naan. It's so good dipped in the yellow dahl and chicken curry. I felt more full than I had in days after our meal. Not just because of the food but because our family was back together after a long, sick, tantrum laden week. I don't tell Justin enough just how much I appreciate parenting with him. Together we are much stronger than apart. Addie knows it too and tends to push the buttons less. She did give it a good try that afternoon though. She and I were sitting on the couch reading. She asked me if she could watch a show, to which I answered no (all movies have been put in the storage closet for now-behavior is just not up to par). She immediately turned around and asked Justin on the other side of the room the exact same question. We shook our heads thinking about how those type of scenarios will play out 10 years from now; not about shows but with sleepovers at girlfriend's houses and trips to the mall with her posse. For now I'll take a quick fix of Indian food with my girls and my man.

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pdxkatie said...

I am DYING for the tutu! And Addie's haircut is so sweet! Just a little trim makes her look very preschool instead of toddler!

miss you guys!