Saturday, April 3, 2010

the last family on earth (or so it felt)

Holy week leaves Metro Manila, and particularly our neighborhood Makati, a ghost town. The entire Filipino population exits the city for their provinces to celebrate Good Friday and complete the Stations of the Cross. Some take it even further (do not view the link if children are present. The images are pretty gruesome).

We had the city to ourselves. Nothing is open so we stayed home for the most part. Arabella and I still nursing colds. We made it to the park and pool as well. We ended up going a bit stir crazy. It was really nice having Justin home Thursday and Friday.

This was the middle of the day on Thursday. There is usually four lanes of traffic crammed onto a two lane road. It was a little eerie how quiet it was.This sign is hanging on the walls outside buildings on the way to the park. It basically states that you can't urinate here. Public urination is still all over here. I see guys peeing on the side of the street every time I go for a car ride.The girls really enjoyed the park. Arabella is getting so big so fast. It's as if she's saying "you can't hold me back!". It was a million degrees and the middle of the day so we didn't stay long before all of us melted and couldn't wait to get back to our chilly apartment.We had a dance party at our house Friday. Addie requested the little iPod and then pulled up her favorite, the Black Eyed Peas. She puts on her club face and a tutu and grooves to the beats. She made sure her little sister had a tutu as well. Bella already knows that if you touch the iPod it lights up and she can turn it off or change the song. She is always trying to touch the iPod during our dance parties. Justin and I are getting extremely tired of "I'm a be" and anything on The E.N.D. for that matter.


Rachel said...

I could've gone without clicking on your link!

Terry said...

Looks like Addie's upset about something? She didn't go on that link did she?