Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny was rather sneaky and hid a basket for Adelaide and Arabella yesterday! Addie was pretty cute about finding her basket and then helping her sister locate hers. She was even good about accepting the Easter Bunny's request for her to share her Koko Black chocolate bunnies with her Mommy and Daddy! The new Barbie dresses were a big hit along with the Eve (from WALL-E) Pez dispenser. After our adventure the day before, getting out of the house for the Ayala Triangle Easter Egg Hunt before 9AM was a serious chore. Justin kept giving me the look like "why are we doing this?" and "this is all your fault!". I threw clothes on without a shower or even washing my face. We made it to the hunt and for the second time in two days were the ONLY white people in attendance. Of course, I was singled out to give an interview to a reporter about the event. I refused to give her my last name so Justin and I joked that it will be printed in the paper with "Interview of Sara, the white woman" in the byline. Addie collected Easter eggs with the other children at the park. The rules were for each child to gather 10 eggs. No parents were allowed to enter the egg hunting area. When they cut the ribbon the big kids ran and all the little ones three years and under just kind of stood there and Addie started crying. Daddy bear took over and told them to screw the rules and went to help Addie hunt for eggs. In typical Filipino fashion some of the kids grabbed garbage bags full of eggs and didn't think twice about sharing with the other children. Every man for himself even if you squash the little kids. We decided that our daughter didn't need lots of eggs anyhow but the principle of the matter still bugged us. It was especially annoying that the parents of the children didn't discourage the selfishness. When we got fed up that no one was queuing up to wait for the bouncy slide and instead pushing their child to the front we decided to leave. After Bella's nap we enjoyed an afternoon brunch buffet at The Peninsula with friends. It's a beautiful hotel with decadent food and they had an entire Easter celebration for the kids complete with cookie decorating and balloon sculptures. I savored the few relaxed moments of sipping my favorite hot loose leaf caramel tea when our friend Kristi took Addie into the play room. The lunch reminded me of how fun it is to be overseas in the situation where we are friends with amazing people we otherwise wouldn't know. We are truly blessed to have been given this awesome opportunity to live in the Philippines. We were all exhausted by Sunday evening. It was a busy weekend. Bella was so tired she went to bed at 6:30PM woke at 11PM and slept on through to morning. She woke briefly at 5:45 AM then back to sleep until 7:00 AM. She went down for her morning nap at 8:30 AM. Poor girl is exhausted!


Betsy said...

Sadly we have similar egg hunts here in the states too! Maybe not garbage size bags to collect eggs, but definitely children who take way more than their share and parents who encourage this! As long as our son is having fun I haven't really said anything so far to parents but have wanted to!We will see how next year goes though! Didn'trealize you were in the Phillipines! What an amazing adventure!

Rachel said...

It's a good thing their Uncle Trey wasn't there. He probably would've knocked the other kids over so his neices could get their fair share!!