Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday preparations

Bella and Addie were really excited about receiving the big birthday box from Grammy and Grandpa. We've been blowing up balloons, getting the Elmo party supplies ready, bringing out the ball pit for the kids and taking lots of pictures to capture the special moment of Arabella's first birthday. I'll save the mushy stuff later but it's safe to say I am feeling all sorts of big love for my little girl today.I've decided that my special birthday "thing" is baking cakes from scratch for my family on their special days. I've been baking lots of cakes lately. Two in March, now one in April for Bella, and again one for Addie in May. Bella's too little to ask for a certain type of cake so I chose to try something new this time. I made the Polar Bear cake. It's a recipe from "Angel Food" a cookbook written by our good friend's Grandmother in memory of his mother who passed away from melanoma. I've never made a more elaborate cake! I usually avoid long detailed recipes but this time wanted to give it a try. The cake is full of whipped butter and eggs. The filling is a lemony orange coconut custard creation and the frosting...well the frosting is just divine. It's a frosting technique I've never tried before. The egg whites get whipped to oblivion and then a sugar syrup is made on the stove top. Slowly the two are combined to create a fluffy light delicious bowl of white frosting. I assembled the cake and covered it with the frosting and decided that the name was fitting. It looks like a big snow ball. Bella approved of the frosting. I'm not sure how any one could disagree, it's the most delicious thing I've made with my two hands. I think we are ready to party!


The Gunning Family said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Bella!

Rachel said...

I can't believe your Bella bean is 1!!! Happy Birthday cutie pie!!