Thursday, April 2, 2009


We did some semi-clandestine birthday shopping for Adelaide at Finnegan's toy store today in Portland, OR. As a child I used to love Finnegan's and still do now that I'm a Mom. The toys at this store are so thoughtful and well manufactured compared to most of the cheesy toys you find at the big chain stores. Addie was in heaven with all the toys. For an hour and a half she discovered new toy after new toy to play with. I'm not sure she would have agreed to leave the store if it weren't for her growling tummy. Grandma let her play with rubber stamps after dinner tonight. It's safe to say that Addie is going to bed very tired every night.

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Megan said...

Addie's face in that first picture is a prefect expression for that store. I too used to love going there. Love you and I'll keep my fingers crossed that Bella won't be in a hurry to arrive.