Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yod Abyssinia-spectacular Ethiopian dancing

Yod Abyssinia is the cultural restaurant in Addis Ababa.  There are two; one on each side of the city.  It's where all the tourists and business people go for traditional food, drink, atmosphere and dancing while visiting Ethiopia.  I beg Justin to take me because I crave injera and shiro so I couldn't wait to take Megan for dinner one night.  Justin, Meg and I left the girls home with Eneye and drove the short distance to Yod for a grown-up dinner.  We stuffed ourselves with shiro and tibs and were amazed by the dancing.  It's truly spectacular and I don't think you can really get an understanding of the pride Ethiopians have in their culture until you see them dancing in all their finery.
Incense is burned with the coffee ceremony after a meal.  Popcorn is served

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