Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia

We were guided an entire afternoon from one amazing ancient stone church to the next.  Our guide was wonderfully understanding when we explained that we probably wouldn't have time to see all 13 churches or hear all the historical details that he had to share.  He agreed to take us the most spectacular and we'd simply see as many as we could before we all collapsed for dinner that evening.  He even carried Arabella the entire way.  Ashlynn rode on my back and front again and Addie walked.

 I was camera happy the entire time.  It was as if we had walked into history come alive again.  We had come to Lalibela two days before Ethiopian Christmas.  Thousands of pilgrims had made the trek to Lalibela to spend Christmas worshiping in the churches.  I had been nervous about the crowds but seeing the Ethiopians using these ancient churches just as they had for eternity was absolutely fascinating.  The people made the churches come to life.

All the photos in this post are of the most famous church, St. George (supposedly dug from the stone by King Lalibela with the help of angles), both from above and then at the base of the church in the ravine. 

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Eoin Ryan said...

Dear Sara, I love your photos of Lalibela! Myself and my boyfriend will be going in April & just wandered which other places you went to that you would recommend ? Did you visit the Danakil depression per chance?

Many thanks