Sunday, January 27, 2013

Santa came to our house in Ethiopia

On Christmas morning Addie woke us, wide eyed and gasping for breath, as she explained that Santa came.  She'd already peeked downstairs and there was a giant dollhouse in our living room!  Hurry up-you've got to see this.  We had to wake Bella.  We let Ashlynn wake on her own 30 minutes later.
Christmas morning was magical for the girls. Santa left a note for them along with piles of wonderful gifts.  They ripped and tore at the wrapping until they were wading in a sea of new toys.  I made sticky cinnamon rolls for breakfast to accompany our coffee.  By the end of the day, my adrenalin was wearing off and I welcomed the rest that evening.

Megan and I were loading our plates with leftovers and drinking wine by 10AM.  Awesome Christmas!

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