Monday, January 28, 2013

the sunset on the plateau

One thing I learned about myself after spending two nights on the top of a plateau, is that I am not afraid of heights.  I am not fond of seeing my children close to the edge of a cliff but I do not mind being there myself. On the first evening at Hudad, we kept the girls up a little late so we could all experience the spectacular view of the sunset.

Our guide walked us down to the edge of the plateau and Justin, Addie and Bella found a precarious rock overhang they decided to camp out on for the sunset event.  Megan was less comfortable by the edge and I didn't trust Ashlynn anywhere near the edge (seriously, having a feisty independent toddler on the plateau was scary), so the three of us sat a bit further back and tried to entertain Ashlynn and keep her from literally running to the edge of the cliff.  The dusk light that blanketed the plateau that evening was a dream come true.  I was itching to take some lovely pictures on this trip.  I attempted to multi-task by saving my youngest daughter's life over and over, AND photographing everything I could.

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