Thursday, August 26, 2010

my flyest chick

Adelaide Rose LOVES the Black Eyed Peas (or the Split Eyed Peas as Grandpa mistakenly and hilariously called them). Her very favorite is Imma Be. I took this video of her last week dancing in her Native American Princess costume. I'm thinking Fergie's going to be calling Addie to be her costume designer for their next video. That or their choreographer because Addie has the beat down. She's my flyest chick for sure.

Side note: I understand plenty of people are going to be appalled that we've allowed our three year old to listen to this music and to be honest I'm not sure how it happened. I think it just became part of our dance party music on the i Pod. It also could be a little of the Filipino influence. Admittedly, we need to get the censored version of their album. Anyhow, go ahead and judge. I can take it.


Sunny said...

Love it. She has some serious moves. We miss you guys! How is yaya?

Sara said...

Doctor says she has an ulcer. Pretty sure it was irritated by all the vomiting she did after eating the spoiled food.

pdxkatie said...

Evan loves when Fergie says, "all fly and shit" since he isn't allowed to swear at home. EVERY time, there is a bit of delight in his eyes when he hears a swear word in a song. hee hee.

Elyse said...

Hey Sara!
The BEP's are huge in our house too! We had to get the "clean version" for our boys because it was requested too many times for me to continue to try to scream a huge BEEP over all of the curse words!
She is ADORABLE and I miss her!!!