Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the Greek got it right

I'm probably the last person to jump on board the Greek yogurt train, but I'm totally hooked. Fruit yogurt is totally out and plain yogurt with honey and toasted almonds is so IN in our house.

Addie eats bowls full of this stuff (minus the nuts). Bella likes hers mixed with applesauce. We usually are stuck with Nestle brand plain yogurt which is so runny you can pour it into your bowl. It does the job but it's just OK. Yesterday, I picked up a little cup of Greek yogurt imported from Greece at S&R for 159 PhPesos ($3.25 or so). It's the first time I've seen it in Manila and since it was so expensive I bought just one. Last night I popped it open for a snack and immediately wished I had never purchased it because it was THAT delicious. I finished it off this morning for breakfast and I'm seriously wishing I had purchased a few more. I'm always afraid to get attached to a product here in Manila because it's highly likely that the next time I go to S&R it won't be there. The not-so-helpful staff would then tell me that they are not expecting any new shipments of the yogurt, EVER!

So this is what happens. I know that the expiration date on the stock of the Greek yogurt at S&R was August 29 so I could go back and buy all I can eat in a week and a half. Then most likely it would be the last time S&R would carry it and we'd just have to go through withdrawal. No one at home in the States right now has ever had to think like this about a food item. I love writing down all the details of finding, eating and plotting how to get more Greek yogurt. It's something we do in a developing country. Something I never realized I would do.

I guess there is always Nestle.

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Lindsey Mae's Blog (Jess) said...

It is delicious stuff. I'm pretty sure that Santis usually has a constant supply.