Saturday, August 14, 2010


I've been jotting down some of the hilarious things my daughter has been saying now that she WON'T STOP TALKING! I can't believe there was a time when Justin and I couldn't wait to hear her speak because now it's non-stop. (and I love it).

Me: "Oh, this bug bite itches so much!"
Addie: "It's OK Mommy, just wag your tail, you'll feel better."
(much Clifford being watched and read in the States, you think?)
Addie on the way home from Target (oh how I miss you Target) with her new shiny hot pink fancy shoes on. Purchased because, she NEEDED them. I couldn't argue. They ARE awesome.
Addie (singing): "Oh, I love my shoes. With all my heart I love my shoes. Amen."
Me (thrilled and laughing): "We can always get new shoes darling because Mommy loves shoes with all her heart too!"
Addie (before bed): "Mom, you're an awesome girl!"
ME: Aw shucks
Addie: "Mommy, Bella has her finger in her booger hole."
(I then realized the word nostril had never been spoken in our home)
Much of Addie's life is a musical so she's combining lyrics from the ever-so-famous-in-our-house "Single Ladies" with her request. You must be familiar with the tune of this song to fully get the ridiculousness of this. Sadly, we are VERY familiar with the tune of this song.
Addie: "Up in the club, I need a cookie".
We are playing Barbies and they are having a wedding (naturally). The bride is dressed as well as all the Barbie guests. (We've meticulously matched the dolls dresses to their hair clips to their shoes-no question she's my daughter is there?) She's speaking to the ONE Ken doll she owns (yes, he has a harem).
Addie: "Come on boy. Marry me!"
I explain to her that we have a guest coming for dinner and his name is Matt.
Addie: "Why is he Matt?"
Me: "Well, why are you Addie?"
Addie: "Because I is!"

Because I is, indeed.


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Denise said...

Thanks for finding my blog, because now I get to enjoy reading yours :) Had to laugh at all the kid-isms. We have a 3 year old, so can SO relate. All the Single Ladies verse in our car is "I'm gon sing it, I'm gon sing it", but the Oh Ohs are the BEST!

I'll stay tuned :)