Wednesday, August 18, 2010

just passing today

Today was one of those days I wish I could have taken a mental health day. Call in sick, flop myself back in bed and pull the comforter back up over my head. We all know the kind of benefits motherhood offers so getting a back in bed was the last thing I could do.

Instead, I: begged for 5 more minutes, made oatmeal, got milk, made more oatmeal and got more milk, changed diapers, made a lunch, gave kisses and hugs, threw on some clothes, walked to the park, played in the mud, took a mini bath to wash off the park, got snacks, went to the gym, got my butt kicked, showered, sat in the car, gave kisses and hugs, sat in the car, gave more kisses to a littler girl when we got home, played, gave a time out, danced, listened to a tantrum, ate snacks, painted, played, ate dinner, played, read books, gave baths, gave kisses, read, gave more kisses, and sat for the allotted 2 minutes while the big one fell asleep.

Phew. In between all that I said "No" a lot, "Yes" sometimes, snuggled, held, tickled, rolled my eyes, raised my voice, gave in a few times, put my foot down a few times, and even once laid my head down on the floor to rest. I give myself a C+. I went through the motions today but fifty percent of the time my heart wasn't completely in it.

Even still, there were moments when I looked at my daughters and was blown away by their tenacity and beauty. These little creatures are amazing and I'm their Mom; the most influential and critical person in their lives right now. I've got to be making the grade.
Bella wearing the only pair of tennis shoes I've ever bought for the girls. On our way to the muddy park. It's her first time wearing them and they've only been worn once before by her big sister. (Dad wanted photos)Painting! Bella for the first time. There was a lot of paint going in her mouth.Bella bean with her belly getting some air. This girl can throw a tantrum.Addie with her messy pig tails, undies, and knee socks (cause there is NO way she can walk with a Band Aid on her foot, socks must contain THAT craziness)


The Gunning Family said...

Sounds to me like you had a banner day!
I remember Brian coming home after one of those days and my response to his way too chipper "how was your day?" was they're alive and you should be grateful!
You have created memories for those beautiful girls that they will carry with them forever. That's the most important thing. Take care.

Justin said...

You're an all-star. I love you and can't wait to see you guys. Kiss those babies for me.