Saturday, August 14, 2010

firing my afterburners

After Justin left for his business trip this afternoon (my biggest pet peeve is when business travel rolls into family weekends-not cool), I had to fire my afterburners to get through the weekend alone with my darlings. I was on the verge of letting the girls putz around and watch cartoons all afternoon when my better judgment kicked in. Instead we took Lucy for her walk and headed to McDonald's for dinner (I'm laughing a little at the idea of McDonald's for dinner being a good judgement choice-just roll with it). The girls had cheeseburgers and fries while I held out for the leftovers in the fridge at home. McDonald's is better overseas but still not good enough for me to down a Big Mac. The special dinner treat was a hit. I avoided the usual dinner time madness with Addie and Bella was completely entertained with the people to look at and a pile of fries.

Addie bopped to the pop music playing in the dinning area. When her all time favorite "Imma Be" by the Black Eyed Peas came on she couldn't contain herself. When I tried to sing along she said "Mom, don't do that". Great, she's already embarrassed by her Mother.

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