Saturday, August 14, 2010

maybe they'll sleep when they're teenagers

Arabella is sleeping through the night! It's amazing. I put away the bottles and just gave her a sippy cup when we were in the States. It took a few days but she eventually stopped waking up for me. In the end she was waking to snuggle with me not to drink milk. She's now sleeping 12 hours straight (sometimes there is a cry here and there but she goes back to sleep). It's wonderful and I can tell she's well rested when she wakes in the morning. Developmentally it's coincided with her growing a ton, being more active, talking more, playing more, singing, mastering games and toys, understanding how things are working and communicating with us more vividly. It's amazing how it all starts to click.In some sort of cosmic joke, Adelaide is the one who can't sleep through the night now. It's been going on for some time in fact, it's only now really bothersome knowing I'm missing out on juicy sleep. Some nights she wakes up multiple times, other nights it's just once or twice. Often she has to use the bathroom or she has a bad dream but almost every night she wakes up between 1 and 4 AM crying out for me and won't go back to sleep until I sit or lay with her. It's killing me. To add insult to injury she won't fall back asleep with her Dad sitting with her. Just Mom. We've put our foot down with her coming into bed with us because it may be the easiest way for us to deal with the problem and get the most sleep, but how we would ever break her of that habit is beyond me. I'm working on positive affirmations and encouraging her to fall back asleep on her own because she's a big girl and then giving her an incentive to sleep alone. (I've lost my cool plenty of nights and it gets us no where). If i don't have to lay with her she can watch a show in the morning when she wakes up. When will the bargaining end? If I have to make another behavior chart...seriously?So if it isn't one child interrupting my sleep, it's the other. Justin and I are holding out hope that our girls will sleep well when they are teenagers.

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Terry said...

When they're teenagers you'll have to throw cold water on them to get them up. Ooops missed the bus again. It's alway gonna be something.