Sunday, January 24, 2010


Bella started teething seriously this past Thursday night and has been fairly miserable since. Since then, she's had a fever that is just now going away today (Monday). She refuses to eat anything besides her milk and a watermelon frozen fruit bar on Saturday. She'll drink cold water too but no solids. She hasn't been sleeping well and when she's awake she's fussy and clingy. I can see where the first tooth is going to burst through, it just hasn't happened yet. I'm hoping it won't be long for every one's sake. Yesterday, Bella took an extremely short first nap that caused her to be even more cranky. We took the girls for a nice walk and Bella just didn't want anything to do with anything or anyone. Luckily she passed out for her second nap and slept a good while. When she woke up, he hair was sweaty and she had a huge indentation on the side of her face where she had slept on her pacifier. Her eyes were bright and she gave us a big smile! Finally a good nap. If you look closely in the picture you can see the indentation. It was so good to have our happy baby for the afternoon. Hopefully our pretty baby will be sporting her first tooth soon!

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