Sunday, January 24, 2010

oh lolly lolly pop

I remember being fascinated with lolly pops when I was a little girl. We called them suckers in my house . I'm not sure what the excitement is about them but Adelaide is in love with the candy on a stick. They are her absolute favorite. After immunizations they calm her, after using the potty all by herself they reward her, for dessert they excite her. She loves a good lolly pop. We don't generally have them in the house, but Grammy sent a bag of Dum dums for us to give to the children in Yaya's village for Christmas and the bag never made it there. Every once in awhile Addie gets to pick out a flavor from the bag. She sucks on it for a few minutes and then the temptation to bite the candy becomes all consuming and she starts chomping down. Justin and I got away on Saturday to see Sherlock Holmes (entertaining movie and has confirmed my crush on Robert Downy Jr. and renewed my interest in Jude Law, Rachel McAdams is back on Justin's top three list). On our way home we stopped and picked up a Tootsie Pop for Addie just because we love her. Luckily she had used the potty for some pretty serious business while we were away and, according to Yaya, she did it without help; so we had a good reason to give her the lolly pop. She was in heaven. She taunted her little sister with it and savored every last lick.

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Rachel said...

I can't wait to see Addie's reaction when Bella just grabs that lollipop right out of her hand!!