Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sishu: an oasis in Addis

Sishu is currently the one and only restaurant in Ethiopia where I truly feel like we could be in America when we are there.  It's comfortable, affordable, beautiful and delicious!  Truly a gem in Addis.
At Sishu you can enjoy American style hamburgers while surrounded by stylish 60's vintage decor.  The lovely co-owner, Sishu, has made design a priority and maybe that's why spending time at this restaurant is such a pleasure.  There's plenty of space to sit and grab a book to read. 
There are ottomans and side tables as well as perfectly upholstered chairs. Everything is up-cycled and the entire collection feels comfortable yet carefully curated  Another perk for families is the incredibly high ceilings in the warehouse, so kid noise gets completely lost.  This is a huge plus for our family.
Most definitely the delicious cheeseburgers and perfect french fries keep us, and all other, customers coming back time and time again.  It's a cheeseburger I'd seek out in the States to eat.  The buns are handmade and you can watch them rising in the big open air kitchen.  The staff is friendly and helpful and the eco friendly paper mache furniture is delightful to inspect and explore. 
We run into friends at Sishu every time we go.  Who wouldn't want to spend an afternoon eating delicious American comfort food in this hip spot?  It's like going home!
Sishu is now located across from the Abattoir behind GM furniture


A said...

I wonder if Addis is not on our bid list? Maybe we should look harder to make sure! Look fabulous!

Danielle said...

Don't you love when people care enough to put together a really amazing restaurant when they really, really don't have to? We had a place in Chengdu, a tiny little French cafe that was so good they refused to make croissants because they wouldn't be "good enough" with the constant humidity there. This sounds like that kind of place and can I just say, Ashlynn looks like she is getting so big!! Like a toddler not a baby anymore!

I'd comment on all of the posts from Paris but I'm afraid you would get sick of me saying "Beautiful photos!" "Omg that FOOD" for every single post. Sounds like such a well-deserved and fun getaway. And the photos (especially in the cathedral and the one with the rainbow) are stunning!

Sweet Athena said...

Wow! What a crazy and fun restaurant! How fun. ~Jess

Ethan Smith said...

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