Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 2: Shopping in Paris

Day 2: Waking up on our own without little mouths to feed was liberating.  We dressed and oriented ourselves for our day’s activities before finding a little spot for breakfast.  I tucked into a sugar crepe and espresso.  Another terrible espresso but the crepe was hot, sweet and wonderful. 
Shopping Day!
The Fleas
Stop 1-metro to Le Puces. The huge Paris flea market.  It was really fun to take pictures here and I purchased an old silver serving spoon set. 
We spent most the morning getting to and from the flea market and then shopping so before we headed out again we stopped home to rest and then picked up fresh croissants at a bakery.  I ate the best almond and chocolate croissant in the world.  I’m sure of it. 
Stop 2-grocery and pharmacy for me.  I stocked up on French cheese and mustard as well as lotions and toothpaste at the pharmacy.  Sounds boring but I love shopping for things like this after not having any options in Ethiopia. 
Chez Paul's
Stop 3-Metro to Chez Paul which is this small authentic French restaurant that’s a landmark in the area.  It was packed with French couples and groups dining on hearty food.  The boisterous and large French manager woman and tall skinny French bartender man just added to the atmosphere.  Everyone was packed in a small dining room.  The menus were handwritten in French and the food was delicious.  Again we had salad with goat cheese croutons and French onion soup. Unlike the night before, the soup at Chez Paul was flavorful and hot topped with bubbly melted cheese and bread.  It was pretty spectacular. 
life altering French onion soup
Stop 4- Autour du Monde for Bensimon shoes.  We ended up walking all the way from Chez Paul to the shopping are and we found that street after street was lined with cool boutiques.  Shopping is definitely a passed time in Paris.  I was floored at just how much shopping there was everywhere. 
one of the million cute bistros
Stop 5-Zara and H&M.  Don’t judge-it’s been awhile and they both have really affordable and cute kids clothes. 
Stop 6-Les d’atelier de Chefs for a real crepe pan.  The shop smelled amazing because the cooking school was just finishing up.  This was a really great find and I can’t wait to try it out for my crepe recipe. 
drooling over the desserts
Stop 7-Our final stop was to devour Thai food for dinner.  I had Pad  Thai with prawns which pretty much melted my face with how amazing it was.  
Window shopping.  All the windows were amazing

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