Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Diary of Paris

The next few posts will be excerpts from the diary I kept of my trip to Paris.  Any time I could find, I wrote a bit here and there about the things we were doing.  It was nice to capture some of the moods and feelings I had at that very moment, instead of trying to recall it all upon my return.  There will also be photos. Lots of photos.
"Day 1: Traveling to Paris

I’m only two hours into the trip and the flight is so uneventful alone!  No issues with seat assignments or decisions about whether the children need the in flight meal.  I can’t believe how ordinary I feel sitting here at the window seat with an empty seat between me and an old coughing Egyptian man who decide to curl up on his seat and the open one next to us to sleep.  But I’m OK with it because, unbelievably, I slept in my seat.  It got me thinking that if the circumstances were as easy, maybe I’d sleep on all flights.   Probably it’s because it’s the first moment of quiet I've had and I jumped at taking a nap.  Either way, I’m thrilled.  There are no children on the flight with the exception of two boys who look to be around age ten, but no small children.  I’m among adults on this flight and I haven’t had to speak two words more than “yes please” and “ water please”.  I blend in for the most part as a grown up.

(side note: I have this odd insecurity as a mom that I can only properly function in a motherhood role now.  I fear that if I’m alone, my maternal side and all the messy, frumpy, disciplinary, snack packing, nose wiping tendencies will still shine through and I’d be exposed as a pseudo grown-up.  A mother to the average person and therefore not entirely blend in.)
Interestingly enough, the only thing exposing me as not quite a grown up during my travels is the hole in the knee of my leggings.  I know, I know, but they are so comfy. 

Anyhow, after coming to the realization that I’m passing as an adult during this adventure, even two hours in; makes me think about how much of a motherhood island I have been on lately.  It truly is an island. It’s paradise and a padded cell all rolled into one with no way off the island.  Never does it feel more isolating than when I am flying with my kids. 
Here I am with all the other grown ups on this flight and usually I am with my kids just trying to get from point A to point B without too many breakdowns (from me and the kids) and the crazy contrast between these  two scenarios has me giggling to myself. 
P.S. I have to admit that I ate the EgyptianAir cherry preserve packed with a spoon and savored the flavor of the cherries.  I’m in need of some GOOD food in a BAD way! Paris, here I come!"

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