Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 3: Versailles

Day 3.  Today we vowed to do less walking, no shopping (since the day before we’d shopped too much), and try to see some sights.  Sunny booked two tickets for the palace at Versailles and we took an early train to try to beat the crowds.  
The weather was forecasted to be gorgeous and sunny at 75 degrees which was a nice change from the drizzling grey days we’d had.  Apparently, all of Europe is need of some sunny Spring days because people were out in droves to see Versailles.  We didn't end up beating the crowds but everything was so efficient, the lines went fast and it wasn't a problem to get in. 
fireplace that was almost taller than me
Side note: I've given up on getting good coffee in France-Even the espresso at Starbucks pales in comparison to Ethiopian coffee. 

We toured the palace including the King and Queen’s quarters  ballrooms, antechambers and the famous Hall of Mirrors.
  It was spectacularly gilded, painted and marbled.  I was especially taken with the crystal chandeliers, paintings and brocade fabric on the walls and upholstery.  
painted frescos on the ceiling of the royal chapel in the palace
The Queens bedroom was decorated in beautiful pale colors and fabric. 
The Queen, Marie Antoinette's bedroom
The three square miles of palace gardens were our next stop.  The jardins were full of walking paths, fountains and meticulously groomed box woods.  When we’d had our fill, we found the pedestrian exit and started walking...

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Heather P. said...

What a fun trip! That was very sweet of Justin to plan this getaway for you. I loved the night Eifel Tower pictures especially. I bet 3 little girls and your hubby were happy to see their mom!