Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day weekend in Bohol

Labor Day weekend is a perfect time to travel in the Philippines. Actually, any US holiday is great because the community of Americans are the only ones with Monday off. Airfare prices stay low and resorts aren't packed with people. It's a lovely time to get out of Manila. We really needed a weekend away from the concrete and smog.

This weekend we went to Bohol. It's a gorgeous Philippine island south of Luzon. We took an hour flight mid-day on Friday, arriving in Bohol just in time for dinner.
True to form the girls were walking hurricanes of chaos from the moment we got to the airport until we got back home on Monday (Addie's excuse is being three and jumping out of her skirt excited for the weekend away. Bella's excuse is that she's just 100% Bella all the time). It's never easy taking them on vacation. It's always fun but cannot be categorized as "vacation". Justin and I looked at each other at the airport on Friday and said "here we go!", as Bella did everything possible to struggle out of our grasp and Addie asked the same question twenty times in a row. Here we go, indeed.

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Terry said...

Riley is just a little shy of the end of any sentence or comment, "WHY, WHY".