Monday, September 6, 2010

Bohol Bee Farm

Upon our arrival at Tagbilaran airport on Bohol, we were shuttled to Panglao Island; which is part of Bohol province and is a short drive through Bohol's main street and across a short bridge. Our destination and accommodations for the next few days was the Bohol Bee Farm. The Bohol Bee Farm is an organic self sustaining farm and livelihood project within Dao, Duis, Panglao Island, Bohol. They grow all their own herbs, lettuce and flowers for their amazing salads. The honey is produces from their bee colonies, and they make the most delicious homemade ice cream with fried casava cones. The promise of amazing food, quiet family friendly accommodations and gorgeous beaches drew us to the Bee Farm. It proved to be as lush and green as Manila is gray and concrete. Staying at the Bee Farm for a few days was a perfect contrast to our daily life in the city.

And the food was amazing.

We quickly found the spicy flower salad to be our favorite. It's all edible. The flowers were delicate and light in the spicy chicken salad with a honey mustard dressing made with the Bee Farm honey (of course). This salad got photographed more than once because we ate it at dinner the first night there and pretty much for every meal there after. Amazing. Here is the "colony" we stayed in. It was two story and wonderfully Filipino in the decor. All the decorations and window coverings are made at the livelihood project area. Ultimately, the cool room was a nightmare for a 16 month old (well, dream for her, nightmare for the parents of that 16 month old who had to chase after her since she ran, climbed and jumped up and down all the stairs-we avoided any major falls the entire weekend, which means the weekend was a success-it could have been brutal, the main floor of the colony had a partial recessed floor with concrete floor and stairs. She took this design "flaw" as the perfect jumping and climbing spot.)Addie was a little sad her sister still couldn't hold her own weight on the teeter totter. The views were spectacular and the grounds felt untouched, almost like we were living outdoors while staying at the farm. It was a dream come true for a curious little girl. I couldn't stop thinking about how much I would have loved this place as a little girl with all the stone paths and hidden cabins, butterflies, and sun dappled leaves to discover. At any moment little gnomes and fairies were going to appear. Bee Farm ice cream was wonderful. Addie and I loved avocado, Justin loved the spicy ginger and Bella scarfed any cone that was close enough for her to reach.Discovering the ocean view at the Bee Farm on our first night.

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Yay it looks like you did get your pack n play. Miss you so much. We need to chat soon.