Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bee Farm beach

Looking to kill some time before our early bird dinner, we walked down to the "beach" at the end of the stairs of the deck on the Bee Farm. When the tide is out you can walk and play a little bit. The girls were thrilled. We hadn't anticipated that they would want to sit and play and basically get soaked so we didn't put them in their swimming gear. I'm not sure what about "going to the beach" before dinner made Justin and I think they'd tip toe around and look at the water without actually getting in. Needless to say we had to go back to the room and get showered and new sets of clothes before we could go eat. Sometimes even the most with-it parents get brain farts!My husband must have been a Marine Biologist in another life (the life where he took science, physics, and math in college I guess). He sure has the passion for the field. After poking around in hollowed out bamboo and big bubbling sink holes we saw lots of crabs, fish, sea snakes, and hermit crabs (Justin's personal fav). After the sea snake, I was done with letting the girls explore. All the sea weed started to feel like fish and snakes against my legs. Thank goodness our hunger took over and the girls needed to be hosed off for our meal!