Monday, May 21, 2012

party planning

We have another birthday party coming up that we are preparing for.  Adelaide turns 5 on May 29 and we are having a Mad Hatters Tea Party for her un-birthday on June 2!  We're all pretty excited since Alice in Wonderland has to be the coolest party theme ever.  I'm especially in love with all the vintage Alice in Wonderland drawings and prints from the books.  We have pink flamingos and spiky balls for the Queen of Hearts' game of croquet and we're going to paint white roses red!  It's going to be a pretty slammin tea party with all her little friends at school.

The girls helped me with these invitations.  We brewed strong coffee and they painted the paper with it so it would look old (coffee scented too).  I was the one who burned the corners with matches.  Addie helped me with the stamps!  


Emily said...

So cute! Moments like these I wish I had girls. Alas, we are having a ninja themed party this year.

Just US said...

Those are awesome invitations!,

Daniela Swider said...

Very cool indeed - looks like it will be a blast of a party!

Sunny said...

We are doing Stella's party for June 2. The theme Fairy Princess Rainbow Strawberry Lemonade Tea Party. Can you guess who came up with it?

Fun, I love the Alice in Wonderland theme. Wish the girls could bring in 5 together. Glad you are having fun.

Miss you! S

Heather P. said...

How creative! Happy early birthday Addie! We will be on vacation next week. Have a great day and a super fun party -:).