Monday, May 7, 2012

Ashlynn Olivia at 7 months

At seven months I am more smitten with this little bug than when she was first born.  She is full of life.
Right now she loves to:
Put her hands under the water flowing from the shower head as I fill her bath tub.
Get up on her hands and knees and propel  herself forward since she still hasn't grasped that she needs to move her arms to crawl.
Chew on her toothbrush
Grab Lucy's ears
Eat anything sweet.  I had to mix apple with her zucchini and squash to sweeten it a bit before she'd happily tuck in to her dinner.
Watching and laughing with her sisters.
Sleeping on her tummy for naps.
Sucking on two fingers to soothe herself.  The pacifier is almost unneeded!
Wrap her arms around my neck, grab my hair and open her mouth on my cheek for a wet slobbery kiss.

She hates:
Sitting at the computer for long Skype calls
Waiting for anything
Not being able to run with her sisters
Oats-she is allergic to oatmeal cereal and crushed up Cheerios right now.  I am hoping this passes.
Being left anywhere alone.
When Mommy lays her down and leaves the room letting her fall asleep on her own.
Poop in her diaper.
Sitting at church forced to be quiet...sort of.

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