Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Adelaide Rose turns 5

My eldest daughter knows how to be a birthday girl.  She is perfectly happy being in the center of attention at home.  She relished today even more because it's tough to be supportive of your little sister having her birthday first every year.  Today was Addie's turn and she loved all the pampering and extra love!

Justin made her favorite chocolate chip pancakes this morning.  Chocolate chips in the shape of a number 5-super cool Dad! (When I asked her this evening what her favorite part of the day was-number 5 pancakes was immediately her answer).  She opened up presents from us and had a movie afternoon which is pretty special.  I let her choose our dinner for tonight and her request was fish, cous cous, and corn (at 5 I think I would have chosen french toast or something).  I was pretty impressed with her decision.  I surprised her with a brownie sundae and we sang "Happy Birthday".  I was really touched with how loud and sincere Arabella sang "Happy Birthday" to her sister. It was darling. All in all it was a pretty great day.  

It's amazing how grown up Adelaide seems in certain moments.  She's responsible enough that I leave her in charge of watching her baby sister for short moments when I need to step out of the room.  She feeds the dog, calms down Arabella when she's upset, plays fairly with her sister and her friends, and has very mature self awareness.  She's a bit of a worrier.  She's perceptive about other people's feelings. If I asked her who her favorite pancake maker was she'd want to say Daddy but she's probably add something at the end of her sentence about loving my pancakes too so as to not hurt my feelings.  She's a graceful strong girl who will make an excellent athlete when she gets older if I can just expose her to some team sports for girls.  She has a rocket for a throwing arm and really good aim so I'm thinking she might make a good short stop some day.  Adelaide mostly warms my heart with her tenderness and love for her two younger sisters.  They idolize her and I have no doubt she will be a wonderful example for them.  
I love pictures of Addie where she's just a little girl, acting like a little girl.
I love how excited Addie is about math.  I love that she asks a million questions about everything.  She's a curious smart girl and I hope we can encourage her to work hard at math and science and whatever else she loves.  She's passionate about art and the process of making something.  I love watching her create things with her hands.

She's a bit of a head turner already.  Justin and I watched a little boy at the playground the other day completely mesmerized by her.  She ran around playing and doing her thing while he followed her like a puppy just staring, trying to do something that she'd notice.  That's why I love photos of my little girl like this one...
Because she has no problem giving me a photo like these ones...I'm thinking we need to slow down this growing up process somehow.
Tonight when I was tucking her in to bed she was asking me a question about the movie Annie.  It was one of her birthday gifts she received today and I told her briefly what the story was about earlier. She brought it back up laying in bed by asking me how I knew about Annie finding a Daddy in the story.  I told her that it was one of my favorite movies as a little girl and that's how I knew.  "So now you told me and I'm going to tell my girls and they are going to tell their girls and then they will tell their girls on and on... right Mommy?"   Sometimes she's wise beyond her years.  Luckily after that she cuddled up with her lovie and turned over to go to sleep and I could still see the baby in her, even if it's just for a few seconds.

Addie turns 1, 2, 3, 4

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