Thursday, May 24, 2012

the bomb chocolate chip cookies

Everyone has their favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Lord knows I've tried many.  Can you honestly say you make the very best chocolate chip cookies possible?  I can! Believe me, it's not my baking skills, it's this recipe I found!  Finally, a chocolate chip cookie recipe I can settle on and make a million times because I know without a doubt, it's the best damn chocolate chip cookie recipe on Earth.

While we were in the U.S. all the Borders book stores closed and it became a family hobby to head to the closest Borders and pillage the shelves during the sales. We are total book geeks. Everything was so cheap we felt like we were stealing books.  Justin and I picked up stacks of great books, puzzles, games and movies for the kids all for a fraction of the original cost.  I ended up with this cookbook for $3 that I have used a ton.  The Hunka Chunka Chewy Chocolate Cookie recipe makes the most amazing cookie I have ever tasted.  I'm telling you.  You must try it!

The other day I made these cookies and I added 1 1/3 cups Heath Bar pieces and 1 2/3 cup chocolate chips instead of the all chocolate chips the recipe calls for.  They were the BOMB!  The cookies spread and flattened more here at our high altitude but they tasted amazing!  Anyway, since I altered the recipe a tad with the Heath, I figured this version needed a new name.  I can't possibly take credit for the original recipe in the book.  

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