Thursday, April 12, 2012

things I am loving right now

Just a few random thoughts on the things I can't live without right now.

1. Molasses.  I never gave molasses much thought before moving to Ethiopia.  Since being here, I've been substituting molasses in place of sugar in things like breads and cookies.  The flavor is rich and delicious without being too sweet.  Yesterday Bella and I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  The recipe called for 2 cups of sugar!  That's just overkill.  Instead we included 1 cup of brown sugar and half a cup of molasses.  The cookies are delicious and I don't feel guilty about giving one to the girls as a snack.

2. Kalamata olives.  Can not live without kalamata olives right now.  I used to use plain old black olives in things like pasta, pizzas, sandwiches, etc. I'm not sure why.  Kalamata olives are exponentially more flavorful.  The only thing I use black olives for now is Mexican food.  Kalamata is the way to go.  Once you switch you will never eat a pizza with black olives again.
3. My TOMS.  Justin bought my first pair of TOMS for Christmas last year. They aren't photo worthy anymore but my new pair he gave me for my birthday are.  I am in love with the red silhouettes of animals on the inside.  They are the perfect shoe for a stay-at-home mom.  They slip on and off easily and are good for   the little bit of cushion needed when cooking or standing a long time with the baby.  Plus they are casual and not fussy but cute.  I am a huge TOMS convert.

4. Klorane dry shampoo.  I made fun of dry shampoo being a more expensive baby powder in an older post before I actually tried it.  I can't live without it now.  It does a much better job of absorbing oil and making hair look clean than baby powder ever did for me.  I use it on the days I don't shampoo my hair and it works wonders.  It has no smell and immediately eliminates that dark oily sheen at my scalp.  

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k @ there is fun to be done said...

have you seen the 'dressy' wedge toms? they're too cute. cheers!