Monday, April 30, 2012

Arabella's day

I love planning and preparing and throwing birthday parties for my daughters.  It's a highlight for me in April and May.  This year Arabella was so happy all day.  It made all the work worthwhile.  First thing in the morning she was singing "Happy Birthday" to herself.  She danced around to the playlist Daddy had put together for her party.  She knew it was her special day and it was precious to see her so happy and excited all day long.

After the party the birthday girl napped, or more likely a sugar crashing induce coma for two hours.  When she woke up she had a bunch of birthday presents to open!  She was so happy to have a new Razor scooter and "mouse house".  The playdough stamps were a big hit too.  Thank you so Grammy and Grandpa for the great gifts.  

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