Monday, April 30, 2012

puppy sitting

This past weekend during all our party prep and cooking we puppy sat for friends of ours.  Gobi is a 9 month old adopted Ethiopian mutt.  He's a beautiful sweet dog who is extremely lucky to be rescued as a puppy from street life in Addis Ababa.  He is really good with children and wants to play and run all day.

Justin and I were considering adopting a puppy from a new litter of pups that was born a few weeks ago.  It was probably fate that Gobi came to stay with us this past weekend and remind us just how much work a puppy is.  Even at 9 months, after he's been house broken and settled down a tad (so his parents say); he still jumps, chews toys (we had multiple casualties over the weekend) and just generally acts like a puppy.  It was like having another child to worry about all day and all night. He needs a lot of attention  He woke Justin up every morning to go outside before the girls woke up.  Gobi is a good sweet dog but still very much a baby.  Justin and I made a smart realization that we don't have the time or energy to train and care for a new puppy right now.  Possibly when Ashlynn is a bit older.  Lucy would agree with this assessment as she hid from Gobi most of the weekend.  He just didn't understand that she wasn't interested in playing.  That and he ate Lucy's favorite ball.
For now Gobi can come stay with us whenever he wants.  

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BB said...

Hi, I just moved to addis also, from California. I was looking up puppies in Addis and came across your blog! ha, we are looking for a dog, any idea where to get one around here?