Monday, January 31, 2011

food satisfaction

In some kind of great universe mix-up the girls and I have colds again. Only it started with a rattly wet chest cough. The girls noses are running like faucets so Addie stayed home from school today. There energy wasn't affected so we decided to do some baking. I've reached my breaking point with store bought snack items and decided I will not be buying them for a while since it tends to be the only thing the girls want for snacks. Suddenly an apple is not considered a snack. I'm so tired of snack time and meal time for that matter.
Today we made cheese crackers with sunflower seeds for snack time. They are supper fun and easy to make. The recipe is from The Sneaky Chef (the original Deceptively Delicious). We used sharp cheddar cheese.I've been craving a good bagel with cream cheese lately so I broke down and made homemade bagels today. The recipe wasn't too difficult. The boiling step was surprisingly easy. Holy cow these bagels are wonderful. The inside is chewy, soft, and perfectly elastic. The outside has a nice outer crust. I made a few with sesame seeds just to test out how the toppings would bake. It's better for me to leave things plain to satisfy the girls taste buds. Addie and I both devoured a bagel straight from the oven with cream cheese smeared on it. Bella licked the cream cheese off and left the bagel.Lunch was a zen like experience today for me. Oh, how I have missed bagels. Once again, I might never buy bagels at the store. The homemade version is just so much better. I'm going to try whole wheat bagels next.


Mrs V. said...
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Rachel said...

The bagels look delicious! I hope you ladies feel better soon!

Nicol said...

Those cheese crackers look delicious! I'll have to pull out my cookbook and give them a try!