Friday, January 14, 2011

the week in photos

It was a busy week. Lots of long work days for Justin and too many school board meetings for me. It felt like a never ending week. I took pictures of two noteworthy events at home.
The first is the princess parade. One evening after dinner the girls slipped away with Yaya. The next thing I knew they were parading down the hallway all decked out in their princess finest. Addie of course has perfected her Rose Princess (the favorite gown by far) and her princess head tilt pose for photographs. Bella...well Bella looks so adorable here I want to take a big bite out of her chubby little cheeks.And, yes, that is a balloon at Bella's feet. No, we have not hosted a party lately. At any given moment in our home there are like 8 balloons floating around and 356 stickers stuck to all the flat (or not) surfaces in our home. Just the way we roll.

The second was the tent sleepover last night. Before bed yesterday the girls gathered all their baby dolls and stuffed animals in the tent and tucked them all in. Addie read a story to everyone and Bella rubbed their heads and shushed them. Ridiculously fun. I see lots of sister sleepovers in this tent in the girls' future.

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Terry said...

I wanna play. I love that Lucy is on the pillow next to Addie. Looks like some of my sleepovers.