Thursday, January 20, 2011

roasted garlic and potato soup

I love soup. It's my comfort food. I love the way it warms my heart when I'm sick or feeling a little extra weak-hungry (Ask my husband I get weak-hungry a lot. Although I think he'd call it crazy-hungry). My girls love soup too. It's the one food that always seems to be a winner for them (as long as it's luke warm). We tried a new soup recipe tonight that I thought I'd share.

I'm in love with my February issue of Country Living. It's all about white and gorgeous. Plus it has the roasted garlic and potato soup with homemade croutons recipe. It's creamy and flavorful and perfect. We didn't have red potatoes so we just used the white ones we can find here. Amazingly we had some fontina cheese in the freezer. The fontina really added an additional layer of flavor to the soup. Yaya made her herb dinner roll loaf (she used to make it into rolls but tried baking it as a loaf once and we've never gone back to the rolls).

The homemade croutons are awesome. We made them because we can't find croutons here. Just another thing we've had to make at home during our stay in the Philippines and I'm not sure we'll ever buy croutons in the store again.

Anyway, this dinner happened to be the perfect thing for a rainy day in Manila.

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Terry said...

I love soup too. The bread looked great. If you make smaller loaves you can use them for bowls and the bread you pull from the center can act as croutons next soup. I'm watching way too much "Top Chef".