Saturday, February 5, 2011

Family Fun Day

It was field day at Addie's preschool on Friday. The entire family attended to battle it out as the red team (the Water Warriors). Addie was still a tad overwhelmed by the activities but all in all participated in more events than she did last year.

She gets so pumped and excited in preparation for events like these and then when we get there and comes time to line up with her classmates for the relay race or to sing her team cheer she freezes and bursts into tears. It can be so frustrating to hear her made-up reasons for not wanting to join in but I have to remind myself that she's not yet four years old and she's shy and gets very apprehensive about new things. I recall feeling excited and tearful about joyous things like my birthday parties or school events. I guess Addie's taking after me in that area of her personality. She can get emotionally overwhelmed easily. Justin and I just wish her teachers and friends could see Addie as her spunky and outgoing self like she is at home. Anyway, we love her for all her quirky fearful tendencies. Maybe we'll be feeling blessed by her cautious demeanor when she's in her teens!Terribly scary tug-of-warOn another note, after the kids get a turn at the tug-of-war the parents compete. The red team won with Justin at the anchor position in the back. He was determined to win the title but sadly completely threw out his back in the process. He's been a mess all weekend. It sucks that we have to remind ourselves that we aren't 20 any longer!


Rachel said...

Perhaps you should remind Justin that he's not that chunky 8th grader anymore at St. John's!! But at least you guys won the tug of war!

Terry said...

It is really depressing to hear 30-something have to remind themselves they are not 20. Wait until your 50 something and still have to remind yourself. "Live out loud".