Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chatuchak weekend market

You can't hit Bangkok without spending some time at the famous Chatuchak weekend market. It's immense. So huge that it would take numerous weekends to get through the entire thing.

Sunday we rode the apartment building's tuk tuk (Addie was in love with the tuk tuk)to the subway (Bella's turn to be in love)then a short walk to the very large and extremely confusing market to get some souvenirs. It was a very hot day and this was not a kid friendly activity so we really pushed the girls patience in the few hours we spent wandering the stalls. Bella was mad that she wasn't allowed to walk around and wander on her own.drinking Thai tea (this lady made the best Thai iced tea I've ever tasted)and checking out the sites.In the end we were all sweaty and hungry and ready for a cool ride on the subway back home.

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NHP said...

What a fun trip! I loved visiting Bangkok, and looks like you all did too -:).