Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thai food

The evening after our long day in Ayutthaya we let the girls play at the apartment building's amazing playground. It made me wish we could have an outdoor, covered play area like this in Manila. Sadly, I have never seen a playground as nice as this one in the Philippines. "Four more months" has become my mantra to keep me from screaming in frustration about this place lately.After a good hour running around the playground (how do they have the energy after a full morning in the sun with elephants and Buddha hunting?); we walked around the corner to a little outdoor Thai restaurant and ordered just about one of everything on the menu. Stir fried morning glory, panaang chicken, stir fry vegetables, larb gai, green curry, Thai iced tea all around and Singha for the guys. We stuffed ourselves. I took a picture of evidence.Bella got a sip of the Singha and just kept going back for more. Just another piece of evidence that this little girls is going to be a wild one. No screwed up pucker face at all. Just a big gulp and a sigh of deliciousness afterward. Uh oh! The girls are OBSESSED with elephants now. And who wouldn't be?

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