Monday, October 4, 2010

decorating for Halloween

During our sick days last week when Addie was home from school I was going to go out of my mind without something to keep us busy for the afternoon. I can only play doctor for her sick "newborns" so much before my head wants to pop, you know?I got inspired to get the girls' help on decorating for Halloween. We have tons and tons of unbearable white wall space that lends itself to black silhouettes so I dug around at Martha Stewart for the patterns for black bats and black mice. We lugged out all the paper, scissors and Crayons for our projects. Bella really wanted a pair of scissors the entire time which distracted me a bit from the fun but Addie was more than happy to decorate some bats and even dray a few spooky white ghosts on black paper for the walls. I cut out Jack-o-Lanterns for the front doors (white again) and adorable little mice and mice holes for the walls. Addie insisted the mice needed big blocks of cheese to munch on. The whole project was so much fun and both Daddy and Yaya play-acted being really frightened when they saw the decorations that evening. Addie was thrilled to have spooked them and deemed the Halloween decorations a total success.

Our next project is going to be tracking down cheese cloth to make ghosts to hang from the ceiling.Clearly our mice don't look as nice as the original photo from Martha Stewart but not everyone has a spooky curving staircase like this one.


Rachel said...

Cute idea! Of course I'd probably freak myself out when I saw a mouse on the wall and think it was real!

Sara said...

Yes! I have done it a couple of times already! I crack myself up every time I do it. I also squeal at the little stuffed monkeys that get tossed places and have tails that really look like a mouse. I hate mice, thus the perfect Halloween decoration!

Connie said...

This week's State Department Blog RoundUp is posted - and you're on it!


Thank you, and have a great weekend!